Wholesaling Marketing: Why Other Investors May Be Your Best Customers

Wholesaling Marketing: Why Other Investors May Be Your Best Customers

Why might other real estate investors make the best prospects for property wholesalers?

Despite the truly incredible market conditions we are currently experiencing some wholesalers are still finding their marketing a challenge. Flipping properties doesn’t have to be that hard if you’ve invested in your real estate education and have a system. Yet, what gets many is standing out from the crowd, being heard, and gaining enough leads to hit the volume and income goals they desire.

This is frequently evident in the struggle to find enough buyers and sellers for all of the deals investors would like to do. Many are increasingly burning immense amounts of time and resources on ever more extravagant and complex wholesaling marketing strategies, only to find that they are sometimes taking themselves further away from their goals and with less true profit.

However, success and more business doesn’t have to always be a battle of hunting down and taking out one motivated homeowner, bank owned foreclosure or one retail home buyer at a time. In fact, targeting your wholesaling marketing towards other real estate investors may just be the tactic you need to take it to the next level swiftly and effortlessly.

On the resale end the advantages of wholesaling marketing aimed at other investors is pretty obvious. There is huge demand for well-priced properties from rehabbers and global buy and hold investors. They get the industry and make for easy conversions, have the cash or credit to buy and providing the deals you offer are decent can take on high volumes of properties month after month, and year after year. Talk about rocketing your wholesaling marketing ROI through the roof.

Many may already be familiar with the above concept, but few wholesalers are focusing on marketing to other investors on the acquisitions side. They are desperately trying to get through to a bank rep they can actually negotiate with, stalking grandma for a signature on a contract, cold calling disconnected numbers and attempting to convince probate attorneys to hand over their clients.

However, amateur investors have amassed mountains of property over the last seven years, and many want out. Some have life emergencies that require them to do something else, others rushed in uneducated and made a mess of it. They don’t need any convincing to sell, they don’t have to be educated on the clauses you are putting in your contracts or how the process works, they just want rid of the deadweight and now.

This makes for easy deals, high conversions, and seeing that many own multiple properties – higher volumes and increase income too.

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