Wholesaling Properties: 3 New Niches for 2013

Wholesaling Properties: 3 New Niches for 2013

Real estate investors and small business owners are constantly told that they need to be honing in on a niche in order to maximize marketing effectiveness and ROI. So what are some of the trends emerging in 2013 that investors can capitalize on and claim as their niches?

1. Relationship Status Changes

The last few years of sluggish economic growth, tough financial times and high unemployment has certainly taken its toll on relationships. However, due to money being so tight, many couples have had no choice but to stick together under the same roof, simply because they haven’t been able to afford to go their separate ways.

As the economy continues to improve and new jobs are created, this is changing. Those wholesaling properties will find more couples going through breakups, divorcing and separating. This means many new properties with highly motivated sellers needing to make a quick sale and often not caring about the price.

At the same time, this also means lots of new housing will be needed both in the form of rentals and buying homes, with many divorcees out house hunting, armed with lots of cash.

So how can investors hone in to help these individuals and families? Facebook says it can predict relationship status changes up to a week in advance, divorce attorneys can be great sources of referrals, and lead list providers now offer data based on triggers like registering for wedding gifts.

2. Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy filings are now surging in many parts of the country. Some are only getting around to filing because they couldn’t afford it before, others have just run out of options for stopping foreclosure.

However, with tougher new requirements for filing for bankruptcy, not all can do it, and certainly many are not positioned to file due to their status with the IRS and taxes.

This makes bankruptcy attorneys, financial planners and debt counselors all good sources of leads for the next 12 months and those who can forge referral partnerships with these parties could find they provide all the acquisitions they need.

3. Serving Those That are Opting Out

Clearly not everyone is excited about another 4 years of Obama as president or the economic outlook under his leadership.

Everyone is entitled to their own point of view, but it looks like 48% of the population have a negative outlook on the situation. Right or wrong, this will continue to drive many Americans to ‘opt-out.’ This means heading for off the grid living in sustainable communities in the wilderness, cashing out and investing in acreage for privacy, security and self-sustained living, and for others downsizing to minimize overhead and monthly obligations.

For those wholesaling properties, this offers opportunities for both helping these individuals sell their current residences quickly, as well as finding new digs in the desert, country or among small condos and studio apartments in the city.

Where are the most opportunities within these niches in your local market? How can you position yourself and brand to capture this business?

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