Wholesaling Quick Cash: Eric Hits A Wall TGE Episode 3 (Part 8)

Wholesaling Quick Cash

This is a continuation of “The Great Escape” interview with Eric Thiele. Eric is working with Sean Terry and Flip2Freedom.com to learn how to start up a successful wholesaling business. In this section, Sean and Eric discuss free and/or cheap marketing methods to find buyers and sellers.

Sean: When it comes to your mailings– whether it be online advertising– every aspect of it is just to triple it as much as you can. Especially in the market right now. I looked at all of our marketing channels and just tripled everything. Just to do it, because the market’s crazy, especially in Texas. Texas is a great, great market right now. Okay, so that’s awesome.

So we’ve got progress, we’ve got a deal and a contract, right? Now that we’re going to get that under contract, I mean, get it actually where escrow is open on it, then we’re going to go through the process of selling this sucker, so we can make some money doing it.

Now, there’s going to be a time where we don’t want to have all our eggs in one basket. I like to have multiple, I like to have a pipeline of deals that are always consistently being worked on at all times. So, free methods. Number one, scrape Craig’s List for “For Sale by Owner,” and do it daily. If you have an iPhone, get that iPhone app where it actually alerts you for anybody who posts properties, or wholesale properties, deep-discount properties, “For Sale by Owner,” whatever. You can find deals.

You know Dustin, who we went out into the firing range with on Friday the 18th. Dustin started his entire business off of Craig’s List, and also the site For Sale by Owner. He made $45,000 in his first 30-60 days just by those free sites. He found sellers, got them under contract, then he turned around and sold them. So by contacting those free sites for people looking to rent properties that might want to sell, or for people looking to sell properties on Craig’s List, Back Page or eBay Classifieds, and also For Sale by Owner, that’s number one.

Number two is, go to ListSource and get a small list. It doesn’t have to be a big list. Get a list. I think a list of 100 names would be like $20, $30 maybe. But that list will enable you to find absentee owners in your particular market there. If you want all the specific details, they’re in the academy of course, or you can call me, I can give you the details. But the bottom line is, hand-write them. If you get a list of 100, hand-write them for that week, or if you have time, write 25 to 50 a week or whatever it is, and then go get another list and hand-write them.

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