Wholesaling Real Estate 2012: Eric Takes Massive Action TGE Episode 4 (Part 1)

Wholesaling Real Estate 2012

This is a transcription of “The Great Escape” audio podcast reality show with Eric Thiele. Eric has been given assignments each week to help him get his wholesaling business started. In this episode, Eric catches us up on the challenges he has faced and the successes he has achieved over the last few months.

Sean: This is episode 4 of the podcast reality show with Eric Thiele. We haven’t talked to him in a while, so we’re going to get caught up on where he’s at, what he’s doing and some of the challenges he’s facing. We’re also going to dig into what he’s doing, some of the successes that he’s had, his attitude, and what he’s accomplished. He works a crazy job where he manages all the servers for the State of Texas, with a 60-70 hour a week work load. You’re going to learn a ton of information, and I know you will relate to where he’s at. It’s been a while since we recorded, but you’ve been hustling out there in Texas, haven’t you, Eric?

Eric Thiele: I’m doing what I can.

Sean: OK.

Eric: What’s that Chinese proverb? May you live in interesting times. It’s been kind of crazy, the sorts of activity that I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing more prospecting on the HUD website and getting properties under contract. I attempt to wholesale doing direct mail, email marketing, and Craigslist. And if that doesn’t work….

Sean: Let’s get them up to speed to where you were. Last time everyone heard from you, you basically hit a wall. Right? You hit a wall, and you were kind of struggling too; because you had a limited amount of funds at the time, which a ton of people do. I was just talking to a guy that called me earlier today. Similar situation, he had limited funds just because of how cash flow works. He was like, “What am I going to do?” That’s where we were at. You were still, working your job where you had the pager on, so you had to jump any time there was some sort of technical error. So, where are you at when it comes to your job? How’s that one going for you over there the past couple of months?

Eric: Well, the job continues until Thursday. I’m a contract, and they let me know that I’m out as of Thursday. All contractors who work through the State of Texas, all 60,000 of us who are contractors, have our contracts end Labor Day weekend. They let me and everybody else in my group know that our services are no longer required.

Sean: Wow.

Eric: So, actually…

Sean: Well, until their server crashes, then they’ll be calling you going, “Help!” Right?

Eric: I mean they have, I’m going to have great joy in laughing and hanging up on them. But, yeah, it’s kind of interesting, because while in my field there’s something called a transition period where a new person studies at your side, like how do you do what you’re doing, so they can pick it up. They’ve had three weeks to do that and nobody has talked to me at all.

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