Wholesaling Real Estate Courses: The High Cost of the DIY Approach to Learning

Wholesaling Real Estate Courses: The High Cost of the DIY Approach to Learning

As the housing market turns the corner into new boom territory thousands of individuals are looking to get into real estate investing. Unfortunately many seriously underestimate the high cost of the DIY approach to learning how to flip houses.

Flipping houses looks so easy on TV and there are so many success stories out there it can’t be that difficult, right?

While wholesaling might be the easiest, fastest and most profitable way for many to take advantage of the housing market today, once aspiring investors get ready to go to work they quickly realize how much they really don’t know.

Many shy away from investing in wholesaling real estate courses thinking that they can save the money and glean information from old books and the internet for free or just make it up as they go along. While they do say that “fortune favors the bold” and taking action is key, too many fail to realize how much more expensive this approach really ends up being.

Not only is it more expensive, it is why so many fail and so many others simply fail to ever do a deal and actually get started.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at these 5 ways bucking the wisdom of investing in quality, organized wholesaling courses can cost you a lot more:

1. Lack of Focus

Neglecting any formal wholesaling real estate courses means a complete lack of focus, resulting in being pulled in a dozen different directions, delaying if not preventing investors from ever getting started. If you don’t start, you make zero. Worse, you miss out on all the profits and returns you could have made.

2. No System

Failing to actually have a proven system means missing out on building the sustainable structure that will allow you to go big without falling prey to common business traps later on. What’s it all for if it all falls apart and you are back to zero in 5 years?

3. ROI on Time

One of the biggest draws to real estate investing is the promise of being able to make more money in less hours. That’s only true if you are actually getting the most out of your time. Those that really master the process can really make tens of thousands of dollars an hour. If you are stuck trolling online forums for basic knowledge for months, you are probably making less per hour than the cashier at Burger King.

4. Speed

Not only will good wholesaling real estate courses propel you to actually get started and begin doing deals faster and doing more deals sooner, the time value of money and the compound returns that provides will make a huge difference in your earnings and wealth.

5. Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

Instead of investing your own money in wholesaling real estate courses it’s much cheaper just to poach the info you from those that have already spent the money right? Certainly you can expect them to give up their valuable time and ALL of the knowledge they invested in for free because you don’t think you should have to, right?


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