Wholesaling Real Estate for 2012 and Beyond

Wholesaling Real Estate for 2012 and Beyond

How has the market changed for wholesaling real estate in 2012 and what lies ahead for the next year?

Have we really found the bottom of the housing market, are the best gains already gone and is this really a smart time to get in to flipping houses?

The Housing Turnaround & Resurgence of Real Estate as an Investment

2012 was definitely the year which most will mark down as the turnaround point for the U.S. housing market.

Some select markets may have begun their upswing back in 2011 but this year saw the recovery really catch on and begin to spread.

This in turn has seen real estate return to being considered the best investment sector by all, including stock and bond experts who have turned bearish on their respective returns and point to real estate as the top performer.

We’ve already seen at least two incredibly successful real estate IPOs this year and billions raised by hedge funds to go out and acquire distressed properties. This trend is also certainly partially responsible for Credit Suisse’s recent prediction of a 53% surge in U.S. millionaires over the next 4 years and America to see more millionaires than other more exotic markets which some have chased for high returns in the past.

Data compiler RealtyTrac has reported a 25% upswing in flipping houses in 2012 and an average of $30,000 made per unit, though extending to more than double that on average for some counties.

What’s In Store for Real Estate Investing in 2013?

Wholesaling real estate in 2012 has certainly been incredibly profitable for many investors and most are expecting a significant uptick in business between now and the end of the year following a surge in new construction, the 2012 presidential election, looming short sale deadlines and year-end bonuses.

The outlook for 2013 continues to be attractive. There may be a slight slowdown in the pace of growth in some of the hottest markets of 2012 if inventory remains tight but that is doubtful. Multifamily properties are also said to have seen their best growth according to some. However, we can expect to see significant gains in home values and the pace of transactions in those markets, which are still bottoming now.

Still, being at the front end of a new real estate boom with 10 plus years of growth ahead, this is absolutely the best time to get in to benefit from the most profit

Rentals are great, real estate stocks will continue to bounce up and down and rehabbing will continue to throw off good returns for some and crush those who jump in without the right real estate investing education. However, for wholesaling real estate 2012 is really just the launch pad for a decade of amazing income, providing investors position themselves well, stick to the principals and automate their businesses so that they can still enjoy an incredible amount of free time each week.

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