Wholesaling Real Estate Guide: Eric Hits A Wall TGE Episode 3 (Part 15)

Wholesaling Real Estate Guide

This is a continuation of “The Great Escape” interview with Eric Thiele. Eric is working with Sean Terry and Flip2Freedom.com to learn how to start up a successful wholesaling business. In this section, Sean and Eric discuss how to talk to an asset manager to get what you want.

Sean: It’s easier when you’re putting out a property in a market that the inventory is declining; meaning it’s becoming a hotter market because inventories are declining. Put the property out at a higher price. Now, it’s not a smoking deal if it’s worth 120 and he’s selling it at 94, but if you’re in a declining inventory market, then you have the ability to push the envelope a little bit, because you can always lower it down or even negotiate to try to get the sucker sold.

I want to congratulate you for taking action and finding that broker, putting in that stuff. He’s going to be putting in a bunch of offers for you. And then getting that deal under contract, so congrats on that.

Eric: Oh, thanks. Yeah, thanks for the tip about actually picking up the phone and talking to the asset manager. I hadn’t done that yet. So I’ll talk to her and try and get past this obstacle about the proof of funds letter.

Sean: Yeah, and then too, remember, you’re talking to someone who’s maybe making 8 to $10 an hour. If it’s not the answer you want, ask to talk to the manager, and when they pick up the phone and call the asset manager and tell them what the situation is, they override that and accept it. All right?

Eric: Cool.

Sean: Sounds good, buddy. We’re going to wrap it up for this week. Any last words for the people listening from Eric Thiele?

Eric: I’ll tell you, the word of wisdom is, when you feel like you’re stuck, stop and think about it, and examine the situation, and identify what you’re doing wrong or what additional things you could be doing to get yourself out of that situation. I’ve been too passive all my life, and I find that now that I’m taking responsibility for changing my life, I don’t want to be stuck anymore. Every time I feel like I’m stuck, I’m stopping and considering, Okay, well, how do I get unstuck? Rather than waiting for the world to change, I have to change, and I have to change what I’m doing. And that’s transforming my life.

Sean: Or we could just put you on a public platform in front of everybody, and then you have to report your results.

Eric: There you go. It’s what had changed my life. I’ve never been on a podcast with 100,000 ears.

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