Wholesaling Smarts: How to Win at Flipping Houses in 2013

Wholesaling Smarts: How to Win at Flipping Houses in 2013

What’s it going to take to not just stay in the real estate investing game but actually beat out the competition to flip more houses and come out on top in 2013?

Of course, both new and established real estate investors are wise to brush up on their wholesaling smarts with continued education or coaching before the New Year hits, but this year there are 6 specific factors investors should be focused on to boost their profits and income for the next 12 months…

1. Branding & Positioning

Even solo investors who only plan to flip a handful of homes a month are wise to use the next few weeks to unify their branding and position themselves as they go to experts for buying, selling and investing in real estate.

2. Lead Generation

Experienced real estate investors who have been around a year or two know that while December can be a tough time to land new deals with everyone so busy with the holidays, it is a great time to line up appointments for January to kick off the New Year with a bang.

3. Marketing

Don’t wait until 2013 to start hammering out marketing specifics for the year. Set budgets which account for seasonal trends now, re-evaluate marketing channels and tactics to keep up with emerging trends and dial back on those likely to suffer decreasing effectiveness in the coming months.

4. List Building

The same applies to list building. The holiday season is a great time to boost opt-in lists and social networks while offering a lot of value and not hard selling, while earning the attention of a loyal audience you can serve with your real estate services for the next 12 months.

5. Strategic Partnerships

Those with real wholesaling smarts know that strategic partnerships quickly differentiate the winners from the losers in real estate. They can be used to leverage all types of resources and slash expenses while effectively blocking the competition out of the market, or at least from the best connections and pipelines of business.

6. Be Ready to Adapt

Things are changing faster than ever in this business and those who want to stay ahead must be ready to quickly adapt to changing trends and new competition, while maintaining acceptable spreads.

This means being ready for a combination of changes from lowering expenses and overhead to increasing exit margins to finding new sources of deals. This means monitoring the competition, changes in markets, tapping the power of outsourcing and getting good at positioning product.

For those hoping to boost business dramatically next year, or even for the few who may be concerned about a dip in volume, scalability will be key to agility and navigating the market without sacrificing margins and net profit.

Whichever areas you need to work on, the time to start doing it is now. Get that lead time and work it to your advantage to control the competition.

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