Wholesaling Strategy: 5 Trends to Watch

Wholesaling Strategy: 5 Trends to Watch

What evolving market trends offer the most opportunities for real estate investors open to tweaking their wholesaling strategy today?

While the U.S. housing market continues to march on along its predictable historic cycle there are new trends constantly coming into play that while they may be a threat to those refusing to adapt can bring great opportunity for those ready to embrace innovation.

For those willing to be flexible in their wholesaling strategy to make the most of current and emerging opportunities here are five trends to keep an eye on…

1. Energy Efficient Housing

Far too many real estate investors confuse energy efficiency with having to be a dedicated tree hugger. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Energy efficient housing isn’t just seeing demand increase and becoming a mandate but can be more profitable too. Even if you aren’t planning to hold homes yourself, turning over more energy efficient homes can mean increased yields for end buyers, lifting profit potential. Plus, at least 30 American cities will soon require landlords to register their properties in a new EPA database.

2. Smoke Free Housing

Many cities and states are testing out pilot programs for making smoke free housing the law. While keeping entire condo buildings and multifamily apartment complexes smoke free can increase property value and reduce clean up expenses between tenants those on both sides of the argument can find they are able to charge premium rental rates for taking a side and sticking to it. Can you shake up the tenants and restructure the entire building to increase its value for your end investors?

3. The Love Index

Zillow recently released a new “In the Move for Love Index” which ranks U.S. cities on a combination of rental rates, walkability, income levels and mix of singles. With a huge number of relationships ending due to shake ups in the economy there are an incredible number of singles on the move and on the hunt for new love today. How can you adjust your wholesaling marketing strategy to capitalize on both the selling and buying side of this trend?

4. Crowdfunding

While the mortgage market might still be lagging and the SEC not pulling its weight in regards to new rules on the JOBS Act innovative real estate investors are adding crowdfunding to their wholesaling strategy to raise the capital they need to scoop up as many attractive discount homes as they can. Don’t miss out on this.

5. End of the Real Estate Recovery

The real estate ‘recovery’ has been working its way around the nation for a couple of years now. However, instead of cooling off as some might have alluded to the savviest analysts and real estate experts point to fundamentals like jobs and discounts below previous home price highs as a signal that a second surge is to come pushing us into a new extended boom, creating new double digit growth in market leaders like Phoenix.

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