Wholesaling Strategy: Critical Investor Mistakes

Wholesaling Strategy: Critical Investor Mistakes

Wholesaling real estate is becoming an increasingly in demand service and a great way to make an incredible income and build wealth, but unfortunately many investors have their strategy all wrong.

Many individuals want into the real estate investing game but, while offering great potential for profit, most overlook the most important factor which is critical to their success. So where are investors going wrong with their wholesaling strategy?

The Difference Between Potential & Guaranteed Profits

Flipping houses is made to look incredibly easy on reality TV and in many books but while the mechanics may be, and there is certainly no lack of opportunity between a plethora of distressed properties and rising home values, there is a big difference in the results being seen by real estate investors today.

Fixing and flipping houses or the notorious ‘hit and hope’ strategy is critically flawed. Fixing or ‘building’ it and hoping they will come to buy is as speculative as putting up new homes or starting any other business with an unproven product or without a customer base.

You may have locked in a potential profit margin by acquiring a distressed property at below market value but that may never become cash, at least in the near future. This isn’t truly sticking to the principal of “making your money when you buy.”

In contrast, the savviest and most successful business people and real estate investors literally do make their money when they buy.

After all, isn’t it much better to avoid any speculation or risk and guarantee fast profits instead?

Smarter Wholesaling Strategy for Serious Entrepreneurs

Now think about the advantages of already having an end buyer lined up for every property before you buy it and never having to lift a hammer, deal with a tenant or spend a night sweating and pulling your hair out, wondering how many more months you are going to have to deal with holding costs.

This means for sure money, fast money and as close to zero risk as you can possibly get.

It’s nowhere near as hard as you think either and this wholesaling strategy will certainly help new investors actually get going and start to see some actual money coming in quickly.

You don’t need inventory to start finding buyers and you don’t need to spend months trying to find the money to buy houses before getting started when you use this real estate investing strategy either.

Between constant networking with those you run into every day, maintaining a pool of potential and hungry home buyers, having a network of other investors who need wholesaler properties for renovating or renting and using the web to build a sizable opt-in email list and developing an extensive social media following, investors can effectively have their deals pre-sold in advance.

This means virtually guaranteed profits, instant paydays and a whole lot less stress than others are facing. In fact, doing business any other way today just seems crazy in comparison.

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