Wholesaling Strategy & Financial Security

Wholesaling Strategy & Financial Security

Is real estate wholesaling a good investment strategy for achieving financial security?

Whatever your number is or end goals are wholesaling homes a smart strategy that will help you achieve them, achieve financial security and stability and ultimately provide for a great retirement?

Before it’s possible to fully answer that perhaps it’s best to define what is required in order to lay claim to becoming financial secure and what you’ll need to ensure you’ll be able to retire, retire well and provide for all those you desire to.

6 requirements for retiring well and maintaining financial freedom:

1. A Large Nest Egg

If there is one thing individuals are going to need to feel financially secure and make it through the future it is a sizable nest egg. Most Americans will need at least $1 million to get through retirement without starving or freezing and those that actually want to be able to enjoy it, not have to worry about running out of cash and having to rejoin the workforce and perhaps have something left over will need a lot more than that. Of course most individuals are way behind on these types of savings and have little left over from their regular paychecks to set aside enough, fast enough. Fortunately wholesaling real estate as a strategy is an excellent tool for rapidly building big wealth that can form a formidable nest egg.

2. Passive Income

Not matter how huge your savings or paychecks most still won’t have enough income coming in to enjoy all of the luxuries or activities they desire, and we all know the dangers of relying on pensions and social security. This means finding alternatives for generating regular passive income. While many associate this with buy and hold investing or rental properties, the right wholesaling strategy and structure can also deliver consistent passive income, and a lot of it.

3. Tax Preferred Investment Vehicle

Without planning for taxes many will find they are paying taxes on the same dollar again and again over time and that returns and income are seriously hampered by it. Fortunately real estate is the ideal vehicle for fighting back against taxes with an array of additional deductions and write-offs, and by using the right structures tax deferred and even tax free returns can be enjoyed.

4. An Estate Plan

Despite best intentions to provide for others after you are gone if you don’t have an estate plan and the right structure to achieve that your loved ones might not benefit as much as you hoped.

5. Healthcare

Healthcare is easily one of the biggest costs facing Americans later in life and healthcare costs are rising. Wholesaling homes can provide that extra cash for quality insurance and large unexpected emergencies.

6. Being Able to Ride the Ups and Downs

Whether you plan to retire tomorrow or in 30 years your income and nest egg must be able to weather a variety of ups and downs over the decades to come. Fortunately wholesaling works as a profitable investment strategy in all markets anywhere, meaning you’ll always be able to keep generating additional cash and wealth.

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