Wholesaling Strategy: Invest Like Warren Buffett

Wholesaling Strategy: Invest Like Warren Buffett

Want to bank big like legendary investor Warren Buffet? Want to have so much money that you can afford to give away billions of dollars to help others?

Then investing like Warren Buffett seems to make a lot of sense. However, the “Buffett Way” of investing and making money hand over fist today might not be anything like you imagine it is, or how one of the world’s most famous investors and wealthiest individuals would invest.

Warren Buffett might have soared to stardom and wealth with rumors of amazing stock picks and bets using his own cash, but even if that was once accurate it certainly seems to be far from the case today and Buffett seems to be rolling in the dough easier than ever now.

So how can you invest more like Warren Buffett and enjoy more of the level of wealth and fame he does?

Well for a start it is important to point out that he is extremely bullish on real estate investing. He has been making many huge real estate investment moves lately and publicly said he would pick up several hundred thousand single family homes in the U.S. but knew that holding onto them and the daily property management would not be the best way to go. Instead he has been getting more involved on the sales side.

However, it is his shift in strategy and approach to money and leverage that is perhaps most significant and important to point out and recognize.

Buffett is still buying, investing and focusing on making great acquisitions of undervalued assets he just isn’t using his own money anymore. Enter the wholesaling strategy that offers everyday Americans the chance to build Buffett like wealth without using a dime of their own cash once they know how.

Buffett is all about buying low and selling high and an investment philosophy that demands a “heads I win, tails I can’t lose” approach to every deal. This is exactly what wholesaling real estate delivers as a strategy.

Wholesaling homes means no money down leverage, being able to do more so that you can go really big, not putting your own credit on the line, ridiculously low risk and generating the maximum possible returns.

This means once you know how to wholesale homes effectively and have your strategy down you don’t need money to make money. In fact, to invest like the best, you will refuse to use your own money to invest when you have it. Then wield your personality and personal brand and constantly be making new connections to take your real estate investing to a whole new high.

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