Wholesaling Strategy: Major Real Estate Shifts Ahead

Wholesaling Strategy: Major Real Estate Shifts Ahead

Are you ready for these game changing real estate trends? How will they shape your wholesaling strategy?

There are major real estate shifts in the works and they could affect real estate investors far faster and more dramatically than most anticipate. Only those who stay agile enough to adjust their wholesaling strategy and capitalize on them will survive and thrive in the weeks and years ahead…

1. Industry

Major shifts are happening in the world of business and U.S. industry. Some industries are crumbling, others just undergoing a massive alteration. However, whether it is the newspaper business desperately looking to slash overhead and looking for new digs in low rent districts, technology changing the way people go to work or where the new tech startup hubs are arising it is all about to change the value of real estate in different areas, slow down or speed up growth and alter which types of home features are most in demand.

2. An Era of Executive Orders

Rather than sit back and let his second term slip by Obama seems set on changing the game as a government. Love him, hate him, be ambivalent, or don’t care about politics, real estate investors need to pay attention to how an new era in which a president sets his mind to enacting new laws by ‘executive order’ will change the real estate landscape. If he bypasses Congress and the Senate and bans guns or takes the roof off of the debt ceiling, it will change migration patterns. It could change where it is safe to live and where it isn’t, where people desire to live and the types of properties which are most sought after. Is your wholesaling strategy ready to deal with this?

3. Foreign Real Estate Investors

Foreign real estate investors have voted the U.S. as their top destination for 2013 and plan to bulk up their investments in America over the next 11 months. At the same time immigration reform is another of Obama’s top priorities. A widespread ruling which allows millions and millions to stay and do it legally could also change demographics and who is buying and selling real estate. It could potentially reverse the exodus out of the U.S. and strengthen the economy but will people really want to stay with higher taxes, inflation and more regulation or will they just invest here and take that money home?

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