Wholesaling: The Most Undervalued Real Estate Strategy

Wholesaling: The Most Undervalued Real Estate Strategy

Wholesaling real estate promises one of the easiest and most profitable investing strategies, yet often continues to be one of the most underestimated and undervalued as well.

So does it really work, what are the benefits and advantages and can it really work as a long term strategy?

Both new and surprisingly many experienced real estate investors often fail to fully appreciate wholesaling as a strategy. Some dismiss or discount it because it sounds too easy, others doubt its value for a long term business and others still are jealous of the ‘easy’ money wholesalers make compared to what they are doing.

Wholesaling Works

Make no mistake; wholesaling works as a strategy and a very profitable one.

It’s just like wholesale versus retail in any other industry. Wholesalers get the product cheap and turn it over to retailers or in a few cases end consumers too. They make fast money by moving volume quickly and enjoy cutting out a lot of the hassles others deal with.

Wholesaling doesn’t just work, it works very well and some of the top earning investors of the last decade and a half have been wholesalers.

The benefits of wholesaling include:

  • Low risk
  • Short hold times
  • Shorter cash cycle
  • Faster paydays
  • Access to more leverage
  • Flexible schedules
  • Easily Scalable

Wholesaling Versus Other Real Estate Strategies

Wholesaling may not be the strategy for everyone and we certainly need all types of investors to keep the housing market and economy moving but it does have many advantages over others for many investors.

This is especially true for new and aspiring real estate investors who are limited on resources. Wholesaling is the easy entry strategy which really requires none of your own funds or credit and very little time to get going but with rapid lump sum paydays.

It is also far more attractive for those who don’t want to have to roll up their sleeves and get involved in risky rehab work or hold onto rentals and deal with the headache of tenants for miserly amounts of cash flow every month.

Working with Wholesalers

Again, becoming a wholesaler isn’t for everyone. Everybody has they own goals and talents. However, this doesn’t mean the benefits of working with wholesalers should be dismissed either.

Wholesalers offer incredible benefits to other investors and are certainly becoming more needed and in demand than ever as we see competition increase and foreclosures dwindle.

Some rehabbers and landlords allow their greed to get the best of them and think they can do better by cutting the wholesaler out of the deal. Of course providing the wholesaler knows what they are doing and have a solid contract that shouldn’t be an issue for them.

Those involved in wholesaling offer a very valuable service. They dig up the gold and serve it up so that other investors can enjoy have a stream of appetizing deals come across their desks daily without having to go out an hunt for them and burn resources without the guarantee of coming up with a deal. It’s the ideal performance based solution.

Wholesaling Strategy and the Long Term

While a ton of money can be made from flipping houses on contracts this way in a very short period of time most investors don’t plan to completely retire anytime soon (it’s not like this a really hard work anyway and the rewards are so great), and this can be a great way to keep on generating income and wealth.

Remember that wholesaling offers incredible flexibility, low risk and works in all real estate markets in all conditions. Why bet your future on anything else?

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