Wholesaling Tips: The Great Escape Episode 1 (Part 9)

Wholesaling Tips

This is a continuation of “The Great Escape” interview with Eric Thiele. Eric is working with Sean Terry and Flip2Freedom.com to learn how to start up a successful wholesaling business.  In this section, Sean and Eric discuss how the law of attraction plays a part in becoming a successful wholesaler.

Sean: On these episodes, on this reality, this “Great Escape” we’re calling it, with Eric is that he’s going to be bringing these deals to the table saying, “Hey, listen, I got a call from this. I got a call from that.” We’re going to be able to analyze it on the show here. You guys get to see how we can turn around and make deals that typically other wholesalers would pass on that you can make money on.

Are you ready for that? It’s going to be exciting, Eric!

Eric: Absolutely.

Sean: That’s going to be awesome.

Eric: I would love to be bringing in those problem situations: how exactly are we going to get $30,000 or $40,000 out of this deal?

Sean: Yeah. Exactly, or more, that’s the more exciting thing. Now that’s the how-to side of it. That’s the step-by-step of what to do. That’s off the table.

Now the next thing is the law of attraction and the spiritual side of it. What we want to do in the law of attraction, we have to be very specific on what we want and align ourselves. We have to be clear on our path.

Eric, what we’re going to have you do is I want you to write a letter to yourself as if it was a year from today. Today is the 14th. I want you to write a letter. Put yourself mentally as if it’s April 14th, 2013. April 14th, 2013, I want you to put yourself mentally like it’s there and you’re writing a letter to yourself of everything that happened in this previous year. I want you to be specific, with dates, and the more descriptive the better.

For example, you’re writing down, “Oh, my gosh, what an absolutely incredible year. This year was the year I completed changed, and I got out of what I was doing. It was incredible. I actually went on this podcast. I went out and it was immensely successful. I replaced my income. I went out and got my first check.

Write down specifically in detail as if it was April 14th, 2013. The entire year and write it out. Then I want you to read it when you wake up in the morning, not at 3:00 in the morning, but when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. That’s the last thing I want you to think about. What you’re going to do is you’re going to attract like for like. That’s what the law of attraction is “like things.” What you’re putting out there is your life 12 months from now, and that’s what is going to be attracted to you. Things will just start lining up, which will be amazing. Can you do that?

Eric: I will do that. I don’t think I have a problem visualizing the future. That’s for sure.

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