F2F 114: How a 23 Yr Old Night Security Guard Made $118,000 On Two Deals Targeting This AMAZING Niche…

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Tu Pham Cracks the Code in Southern California and Nails 2 Deals for $118,000

Wholesaling Houses Success StoryIn this episode learn how Tu Pham a 23 year old night security guard made $118,000 in Southern California. Tu shares every detail on how he prepared himself mentally, marketed for the property and found the buyers.  He shares a killer niche that allowed him to close his first deal and make $58,000.

He also dives deep into the mental game of wholesaling houses.  How he overcame fear and what he focused on.  Everyone has doubts, fears and worries and Tu explains what he did to overcome those doubts and fears and was able to walk aware from the closing table with two huge checks.

This is a truly amazing story and a must listen.

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