Wholesaling Websites: Driving Web Traffic & Ranking After New Google Changes

Wholesaling Websites: Driving Web Traffic & Ranking After New Google Changes

How can investors and wholesaling CEOs keep driving more website traffic and keep up their rankings in the wake of Google’s new changes?

A couple of weeks ago Google announced a new update to its Penguin algorithm for ranking wholesaling websites in online searches. This could be disastrous for many that have neglected previous warnings, though certainly opens the doors of opportunity for those that move quickly to jump ahead of the pack.

So what is Google changing now, what do they mean for wholesaling websites and what are the best online marketing strategies and tactics for drawing in online traffic and maintaining envied positions in Google search results now?

Google’s new Penguin 2.0 adjustments announced at the end of May are aimed at further cracking down on junk sites and cheap, underhanded techniques of boosting Google rankings. This further reduces the effectiveness of many types of shady advertising strategies and places more importance on good ones. In other words, unless you find some workarounds it’s going to get more time consuming and expensive to produce the same results than in the past.

Fortunately there are a few swift ways for owners of wholesaling websites to counter act these changes and even use them to pole vault ahead of the competition affordably, and a window of opportunity for new investors to scale up to the top of Google a lot faster as others scramble to counteract Google’s penalties.

How to come out on top and maximize your marketing budget in the wake of Penguin 2.0…

1. Content

If content was king in 2012, it’s now emperor of the internet galaxy. Kick recycled, cheap junk content to the curb and recognize that great content will quickly become your most valuable asset and marketing tool.

2. Check Your Links

If you’ve been focused on cultivating junk links pointing to your site, get rid of them; they’ll only bring you down. Instead, focus on developing a network of high quality, relevant and diverse links from related sites and platforms. Think guest blog posts, PR and getting columns in industry publications.

3. Social Media

Social media could be the best weapon of the moment for boosting the visibility and effectiveness of wholesaling websites. All search engines now heavily weight the amount of social activity going on around a website and brand and with a little guerrilla marketing effort investors can explode this part of their online presence quickly.

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