Wholesaling Websites: F2F Kent Clothier Interview (Part 17)

Wholesaling Websites

This is the continuation of the Flip2Freedom podcast transcription. In this episode, Sean interviews the nation’s #1 wholesaler, Kent Clothier, and finds out how he created a wholesaling empire – averaging over 50 deals a month.

Sean: So what I have done is I have twisted Kent’s arm and asked him to do a presentation that kind of explains how this system works, how he would use it in the market. Talk more about the challenge letter, and more about how a person getting started can have access to this. Now, I know you limit it to a certain amount of people across the country. If you are listening to us right now, we’re doing a special webinar. If you go to flip2 freedom.com and you go to this specific post, you will see a registration link, and you can see that registration link there, or you can go to flip2 freedom.com/Kent and you can register for the webinar that we are doing on the 21st.

If you are listening to this after the 21st of June, then just go to flip2 freedom.com/Kent and we will post a replay for you, so you can see what he talked about during the webinar. So, I have basically twisted his arm and asked him to do this. So, what will these people learn on this training?

Kent: Well, you are going to learn a lot more about the cash buyer database and all of the information that is available there. But, also more importantly, exactly how we use that information, how we encourage our clients to use that information, and, then really how to structure that information and these transactions in a way where it allows you to build a business.

As we kind of talked about in the beginning of the call here, we’re just not in the mode anymore of just trying to buy and sell a few transactions. We are really in the mode of, how do you build a business around this kind of information, around the whole reverse wholesaling technique, and allow other people to do a lot of this legwork for you, so that you can enjoy the business. That is what this is all about.

Sean: Right, right. If someone is brand-new and they have never done a deal, and they just got started, and they tripped across this particular podcast. They’re listening to it, and they’re going, “Hey, I want to get involved in it.” What do you think they will gain out of listening to this training?

Kent: I think that they will quickly realize that, because of this information, and because of this training, their ability to get involved in real estate, the barriers of entry are almost non-existent at this point. Things that would typically have guys like you and I, and a lot of others, out of the business, because of a lack of information, the information that we provide right here in real time will breakdown every barrier, every fear. It will make this completely reachable for anybody and everybody who happens to be on that training.

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