Wholesaling Websites: Successfully Navigating the IT Nightmare

Wholesaling Websites: Successfully Navigating the IT Nightmare

How can real estate investors successfully navigate the IT nightmare to craft and launch a highly effective and profitable wholesaling website?

While it may be possible to survive without a website today it will mean a lot more work, less volume and severely hampered ROI on cash and time. A great wholesaling website can speed up results, lower wholesaling marketing costs and help to develop a turnkey real estate lead generation system. Unfortunately, anyone that has had to deal with IT ‘professionals’ before or has tried to build a website knows that it can be a real challenge.

Real estate wholesalers and IT guys often seem to be from completely different planets and find it hard to get along. In fact, there has certainly been cases in which at least several real estate executives have gotten into hand to hand combat with their computer people. So what’s the commotion all about, and how can you overcome these hurdles to get your wholesaling websites live, fast?

Perhaps the biggest point of confrontation between wholesalers and geeks is timing. Why does it take so long for web designers to come through? Aren’t any of them reliable?

It can take an amazingly long time to get some websites built today. Web designers, and especially the good ones are in hot demand today. Don’t expect an honest developer to tell you even a simple 5 page site is doable in less than 5 weeks right now. Then like building contractors; expect it to take longer than anticipated, and cost more too.

While the two parties here may appear to be complete opposites on the surface and use different halves of their brains (the technical, detailed engineer versus the fast moving real estate entrepreneur), but not necessarily. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers and investors are all equally notorious for taking on too much work and then figuring out how to pull it off later; frequently leading to long delays in closings.

So maybe it is more of a need to recognize the status quo, start planning and commissioning your real estate website earlier.

What’s more important than finding a designer that tells you what you want to hear in terms of timelines is getting one that actually delivers. When you find that golden nugget of an IT professional, don’t let them go. Treat them well, treat them better than your spouse, or even marry them if you really want to stay on top of them.

Another option is to build it yourself. This has become dramatically easier today with numerous ‘drag & drop’ website builders. Of course many are not as easy to use as they are made out to be, so do your due diligence first.

Alternatively look for a proven wholesaling website template and adapt it to your needs.

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