Wholesaling With Real Estate Agents: From Small Successes to Massive Results TGE Episode 2 (Part 11)

Wholesaling With Real Estate Agents

This is a continuation of “The Great Escape” interview with Eric Thiele. Eric is working with Sean Terry and Flip2Freedom.com to learn how to start up a successful wholesaling business.  In this section, Sean and Eric discuss marketing tools and how to explain your business to a realtor.

Sean: This is going to be fun! Are you ready for that?

Eric: Hey, I’ve got one question about the phone setup.

Sean: Sure.

Eric: Do either of these programs have the capability of out dialing? And having the caller ID show that number? You know what I’m getting at?

Sean: So, are you saying, if someone calls in, does it reveal the seller’s number, is that what you’re saying?

Eric: No, if I try to call somebody.

Sean: Okay.

Eric: Have you figured out a way to have your, well you’re calling from your cell. You don’t want people to have your personal cell number. You want them to see on their caller ID through that it’s whatever number you’re advertising. So . . .

Sean: Well, you can’t do that through FreedomVoice because it’s . . .

Eric: Okay.

Sean: . . . basically a voicemail system. But, if you don’t want people to go through your cell phone, then what we do is go through Skype.

Eric: Okay.

Sean: If you wanted to setup Skype, Skype can actually give you a phone number. It can give you a voicemail system, and you can actually dial out from Skype and people can call in from there and leave messages and stuff like that. But, you could use Skype, which, obviously, you can take to anywhere on your computer. You could do it that way.

Eric: Right. Okay. Well.

Sean: So, do that.

Eric: Hey, I had one other question.

Sean: Sure.

Eric: One of the realtors that, basically this gent, he works for one of the HUD listing brokers. He is real hot for me to produce a proof of funds letter. . .

Sean: Okay.

Eric: . . .Before he goes much further with me. So, could you?

Sean: Yeah.

Eric: And I’m putting you on a spot.

Sean: No.

Eric: Could you talk about that off the top?

Sean: Yeah. Basically, what you can do is, first off with the realtor you want to tell him exactly what you’re doing. Say, “Listen. I have a group investment team that I work with, that are looking to buy tons of property in the Austin market area, but, they’re not one single group. They’re multiple, meaning I have a bunch of different buyers that I work with. Now, what I do is bid on properties, I tie them up, and then I resell them to these buyers. I close on it first and resell them to buyers. Obviously, Mr. Realtor, you’re going to get paid on the HUD transaction when it turns around and closes on the first initial escrow and then I’ll turn around and resell the property.”

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