Why Do Realtors Make So Little and How Wholesaling CEOs Can Do Better?

Why Do Realtors Make So Little and How Wholesaling CEOs Can Do Better?

Why do most real estate agents really make so little and what can wholesaling CEOs learn from them to avoid the traps and make even more dough?

Real estate draws thousands of new players each year for its reputation as the easy path to big bucks. Of course looking at the real statistics it is revealed that the average Realtor actually doesn’t make much more than the average worker. Why is this, and how can wholesalers make sure they realize their income goals?

Of course many real estate agents do make seven figures a year and more, even if the average agent barely makes $20-40k annually. This is the 80/20 rule at work; a rule that often rolls over to those wholesaling properties too. It means 20% of the players make 80% of the money.

Why is this?

When looking at the pay of Realtors the biggest factor is probably how many really only work part time. Others suffer from not really investing in their real estate education up front and understanding what it really means to be a Realtor and what it takes to excel as one.

Many also fail to realize that they are essentially in a marketing business or become too distracted by dozens of tasks and going down rabbit holes that take them away from the money.

Fortunately this all means more opportunity and money on the table for wholesaling CEOs with the right tactics.

However, to take advantage of this vacuum wholesalers need to make sure that they are replicating success and not falling into the same traps. This starts with getting a good understanding of all that is involved in flipping properties for profit.

Winning and claiming the lion’s share of the income also comes much easier to those that adopt and implement proven systems which keep them on track, fast track them to success and eliminate much of the distractions and trial and error.

Armed with a good system wholesaling CEOs can actually make more from flipping houses part time than the 9-5 day jobs they have. Still, in order to make it work and keep up momentum they must remain focused on the most important tasks and not allow themselves to be bogged down by trivial work they should be delegating to assistants.

The flip side of this is recognize which Realtors are best to collaborate with, and how to leverage them all to your advantage.

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