F2F 150: A Firefighter Built a Million Dollar Wholesale Business in His Spare Time


Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, episode #150

How many of us feel stuck in their job? Maybe we feel like we are supposed to do something different. That’s how Christian was feeling. But something extraordinary happened. He pursued his dream and wouldn’t give up. With the support of his wife and kids he took the systems and strategies of the Flip2Freedom Academy and followed them and ended up creating a million dollar business that lead to a better life for him and his family. I know his story is going to blow you away, so sit back and enjoy!

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Listen and enjoy

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Christian REFUSED to give up on his dream
  • Christian gives his BIGGEST Secret to Success
  • How Christian built his MILLION DOLLAR business in his spare time!
  • The BEST steps to take to get your first $5K

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