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F2F 129

Welcome, friends, to my podcast series that’s all about wholesaling houses… flipping houses using no cash, no credit. Yep, it most definitely can be done!

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Jason Vanderpool about title issues and what it takes to get through those title issues. Yes, that can be definitely be done too!

Jason is an investor in Miami, FL, and he’s killin’ it down there. He’s run into situations where some of his best deals were title issue deals – but thanks to his tenacity and problem-solving skills – he was able to recognize that they were fixable issues and he overcame the obstacles, all of which he explains to us in great detail.

This dude is the King of Titles for a reason and here’s one – he’s making more than $80,000 in revenue each month. So, that’s why we listen to him, friends. Today, he’ll provide us some viable tips to help you overcome those title obstacles.

Title issues are something that’s rarely ever talked about and we’ve never talked about it on my podcast. Let’s rectify that right now and get going on this awesome info-packed episode…

Listen and enjoy

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What you’ll learn

  • How Sean was part of what Jason calls his ‘message from G-d’
  • Examples of potential title issues on properties
  • The lists Jason targets and how he gets the leads
  • Jason explains a specific probate deal he did that had major title issues – yet he tells us how he was able to overcome the issues and make $35k
  • The reason Sean would tell a title company to ‘pound salt’
  • The huge risk Jason took with the tenant on this deal
  • The drastic measure Jason took to move forward with this deal
  • What Sean calls the difference between success and failure
  • Why Jason didn’t give up and how he fought through
  • Books Jason recommends to help get yourself in the right mindset
  • How Jason’s 2016 is shaping up financially
  • Jason’s one piece of advice to inspire struggling investors to push forward

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Intro:   Welcome to the Flip2Freedom Podcast, I am your host Sean Terry.

Sean:   Hello again, this is Sean Terry from the Flip2Freedom Podcast. We are on episode number 129 and we’ve got an awesome episode for you about title issues and what it takes to get through title issues, what title issues are and how to have the tenacity to overcome them. Got a great interview for you today with Jason Vanderpool from Miami, Florida that’s absolutely crushing it. And he has run into situations where some of his best deals had been title issue deals and how he is able to recognize them and be able to solve them with tenacity. Now, if this is the first time you’re listening to our podcast, thank you so much for joining me.

This is the Flip2Freedom podcast and I’ve been doing this since April of 2010 and we talk about wholesaling houses or what they call flipping houses using no cash, no credit, even if you have no experience, it doesn’t matter. And the bottom line is what we do is we market for distressed sellers and someone that is or in the, in Jason’s case, it was a probate deal, could be a landlord who has a tenant that trashed the place and wants to move out, it could be a divorce situation, it could be a financial foreclosure situation, could be they just got transferred. Whatever the case may be, there is a distressed situation and when there is a distressed situation, you can help the seller out of the situation by being able to contract the house and get the property under contract.

Let’s say the house is worth all fixed up a hundred thousand and they want to sell it quick. They don’t have time to list it, they don’t have time to pay a real estate commission, they don’t have time to fix up the property, they don’t have money to do it so they sign the contract with you for 50. This gives you the ability to turn around and market the property to an end-buyer. So you have a cash buyer that’s going to buy the property from you and they’re going to, they literally going to pay cash and they’re going to close in seven days. Now your contract with your seller for $50 grand, you have like a 30-day closure contract with your buyer, you’re going to have it for 60 grand and you’re going to have it for 7 days. So what’s going to happen is you’re going to close within your 30-day timeframe with your seller, and you’re going to be able to do it quickly.

Now the cool thing happens is the buyer provides all the funds, the $60,000 of which $50,000 goes to the seller and the $10,000 goes to you. Now what’s so great about this opportunity is that not only can you do this once a month, right? You can do it like Jason’s Vanderpool’s doing, multiple times a month or he’s done, I think it’s at the end of the episode; they’ll do over $80,000 dollars for the month, in revenue. Well, that’s huge. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in this business when you go from making $30, $40,000 a year to making $80,000 a month. This is what this can do for you which is phenomenal. So, if you want to learn more, go to Flip2Freedom.com, Flip2Freedom.com.

On there I do live webinars every week and I explain the entire process and how to go out and make $12,000 in the next 37 days by following specific. Just right on the front page, you go to Flip2Freedom.com, you can register for the webinar. And also, you can download a book I wrote. It’s a 129-page book that will show you specifically how to go out and do this business and generate an amazing amount of revenue. And it’s very detailed and specific. I’ve had people tell me that they spent well over a thousand dollars for the same information that they get way for free. So you go there at Flip2Freedom.com, Flip2Freedom.com.

Now, the interview. Jason. Phenomenal. Out of Miami, Florida, 31 years old, killing it, tripped across my YouTube videos, got started and literally from June to December, made a $130,000 just by following the information. He had a couple deals in there that were title issue deals that I thought we talked about, we’ve never actually talked about that in the podcast. And he gives some viable tips that you guys can either look for or do or some different techniques you can work with to overcome those obstacles, to find a way to breakthrough. And he’s going to talk a lot about mindset. Mindset’s incredible important because a lot of times you tend to give up.

I mean, I know when I got first started doing this and I ran in the title issues, I was like, “Oh my gosh!” and I was so stressed because I, it was a huge deal, you know what I mean. And then you’re going, “Oh my gosh, it’s not going to close.” Well, wait to hear Jason’s story, exactly what happened and what he did to overcome this title issue. You’re going to be shocked. It’s amazing. So, he did a phenomenal job. You get to learn more from him. So let me shut up, go in and have the interview with Jason Vanderpool. All right. I am here with Mr. Miami, Jason Vanderpool. What is up, man?

Jason:   What’s going on, Sean. What’s going on, world.

Sean:   Sweet! Well, you ready to rock it out there in Miami? I know you’re kicking it and I’m excited to chat with you. So, we were just talking and let’s tell everyone the result that we’re going to talk about, real quick. So, primarily we want to talk about this episode about title issues. What happens with title issues, issues with it? And you had a probate deal, right?

Jason:   Right.

Sean:   That was a huge hassle but you were tenacious and you saw through and what did you make on this deal?

Jason:   We made it pretty much $35,000 on that one.

Sean:   $35,000. So we’re going to, what we’re going to do is we’re going to, we’re, for the listeners, we’re going to break down that deal. And what happens is, in this business, we’re marketing for distressed sellers. And when you market for distressed sellers, you’re going to have distressed title issues and that’s just part of it. You know what, I’ve never, out of the hundred plus different episodes I’ve done, I’ve never really talked about title issues. And just having conversation with you, I thought this would be a great thing to talk about. So, first off, how did you, how did you first off get involved in real estate? Kind of go back in your story then we’ll get in to this title issue. How did you get involved in real estate?

Jason:   Well, I started off; I started off as a musician, believe it or not. So I was, I always in a non-studio working, I’m used to working crazy hours already but getting paid peanuts because you don’t really make money when you sell a song or when you get something out the radio so.. You know I had a few success stories but nothing that really blew up and I got fed up of waiting on the label owner, the CEO, to really push our project. So I said, I need some stable income. I need something that’s consistent. So I said I’d get into real estate and that was like an oxymoron in then because my first year, I signed on as a real estate agent, I think I made $15,000, man. It was pretty pathetic. But I had a friend, a colleague, he was talking to office and he told me, he was getting into this thing called wholesale real estate where guys would just flip properties to investors, you’re not showing. And I kind of like, was really interested in that cause at the time…

Sean:   Hmmm.

Jason:   I was driving people around trying to show them houses that they will hopefully fall in love with, emotionally, get emotionally attached to and then we end up showing them 7, 8,9 houses and they still wouldn’t make a decision. So, getting involved with investors, I realized that these guys are all about the numbers and a lot of times, they don’t even have to see the houses. The numbers make sense and the pictures are good enough, they’ll go and they’ll move forward on the deal. So I jumped into that head first. And that was about 2 years ago. We were put, primarily, just making offers and my last deals. And then last year, 2014, I think, all the hedge fund came down to Miami, started buying off everything. My lead pool, I guess, are… The deals I was getting the year before just dried up. So, you’re searching, I have always been searching for a way, I guess that’s one thing I could say I took from my brief stand-in on those MLN deals. They teach you so much about always searching and fighting through and getting the right mindset.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   So I was just a positive mindset and I was just, you know, YouTube, looking for answers to my situation. And I think I typed in on YouTube, how to scale my wholesaling business, my real estate wholesaling business.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   And I think you had a video that popped up with the exact verbatim title. And I was like; this got to be a message from God. So I was pretty much watching that video, like an hour and a half long, like three times. Things at that point, I had maybe one deal that was, I was waiting on to close because I was really down. My bank account was looking really depressing. Yeah, and I burned through money like it’s nobody’s business.

Sean:   You’re Miami.

Jason:   It was really bad. That’s what Miami’s like, man.

Sean:   Yup.

Jason:   It’s tough out here. But so as soon as that deal closed, I think I was telling my girl at the time that I think I’m going to go ahead and sign up for the Sean Terry program. She was like, “Babe, just wait. Just close your deal. I’ll close another deal, get a few deals going and then go in…” something like that. But I was like, I know me and I know my bills and the way they’re set up. You know like the fame has given a hard jolt, the rid-up mode, the way my bills are set up.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   I don’t have time to wait so I said I’m doing it now. And I got in and I ran through the modules in like a day and a half.

Sean:   Wow.

Jason:   And I just, I’ve been blasting out, blasting out mailings and deals started coming in. The first month was pretty dry but then, a month after that, the second month, believe it or not, I think we did about $50K.

Sean:   Wow.

Jason:   That one deal I was waiting on closed. And then I got 3 other deals from the mailings that closed on that same month.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   That was a bless… Yeah. I have just been chugging along ever since. It hasn’t been all the way smooth-sailing as we are about to talk about but it’s definitely been a blessing that I found you guys. I’m very, very optimistic about the potential of this company and this business.

Sean:   You know what’s interesting though? Once you kind of grasp the fact that we are building a business, when you’re building a business and you’re starting out, you have to have a vision of where you’re going, number one. But then also have the understanding that there are going to be steps along the way and everything isn’t going to be perfect, right. The advertising isn’t going to be perfect.

Jason:   Right.

Sean:   The deals aren’t going to be perfect. You might send out letters and the response might suck on certain things because the copy wasn’t right on the postcard or maybe didn’t work because other people are sending out there. So, if you have understanding of business and you have a vision of where you want to go, then you can do the steps and realize that it’s the process of building it. But as you grow and you become better, and you become a better closer, you understand how to do deal structure, you understand how to hire people correctly, you manage your numbers correctly, then the whole thing starts to gel together. I’ve been doing this for, since 2003, right?

Jason:   Right.

Sean:   So, 13 years now. And I’m still learning and growing but there are people that run $100-million-a-year revenue companies with several hundred employees that obviously are in different positions in their business than I am. So it’s a learning experience and to be in a learning state and always investing in your learning and education, I’m a huge proponent to that, allows you to grow.

Jason:   Right.

Sean:   So let’s talk about specifically this deal. People listening, what happens is, you’re, like what we talked about, you’re marketing for motivated sellers, you get distressed sellers. And what happens is sometimes, they’re going to have title issues on the property. Now I’ve seen title issues where we’ve had seven siblings on the title because they inherited the property and six siblings want to sell and they all agree to a price and they’re all ready to go and that seventh sibling says, “Pound salt. I’m not selling because I want to keep it as a rental.” Well, that’s a title issue. Trying to track everybody down is difficult to get done. But I’ve seen one probate issues; I’ve seen one where there are massive leans on the property and stuff. So your particular one that we’re going to talk about right now is… Tell me about this particular deal and the hair that it had on it.

Jason:   Oh man. I mean, right off the gate, I knew I was on to something because the guy agreed to a price that I didn’t think he was going to agree to. It was pretty much hot area of Miami called Miami Gardens.

Sean:   Yup.

Jason:   I know the three tools in the neighborhood was selling at a wholesale price at about $120 but it was a free one on a busy street so I wasn’t really sure but either way, I got it down to, I think, about $75,000. The guy said you call me. Actually when you call me say, “Hey man. We’re going to be working out some issues that I have but I’m ready now.” This is his first time calling me. I was like, okay. This is a guy that’s calling me from a mailing I did months ago apparently. All right, so…

Sean:   Sweet.

Jason:   We got on the contract and I blasted it out. Immediately, I got a good response from my buyer list and people got into the place that ended up, I actually put it up at $100. And the guy ended up bidding me up to about $115 so I have to cool things off. Yeah, that net is about $35, but going back to the situation, the guy… It was like four siblings involved and a nephew in the house that says we are doing him dirty and you always have the family issues when you’re dealing with deeds.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   These titles, these kinds of distressed situations, and he said he just fixed the air condition. He just paid the taxes on the house, now he’s selling it leaving him with no place to go. He’s actually on probation. So I’m like, I’m being there with that kind of situation but this guy already had some capital siding but I did my best to present and he’s actually a pretty good dude who has spoken and everything so…

Sean:   So let’s go back. So how did you… Well, let’s go back to the, let’s go back real quick to the list, the mailing list. So, what mailing list did you target?

Jason:   I actually, I realized that, I went down to the probate, the courthouse one time and I, I told, I met somebody down at probate records… that’s where she was getting her probate records from and I hired her.

Sean:   Okay.

Jason:   Send me some records for each month. And that’s pretty much the list I use. I just send it out to probates.

Sean:   Okay. So you send it out to probates and you send a postcard or you just send a letter?

Jason:   I did both. Up to that point, I don’t remember exactly which one he calls on. I can go back on Podio and check but I think he called from one of the letters we sent.

Sean:   Okay.

Jason:   We sent majority letters. I think I sent postcards to that list twice and I got horrible response.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   So I don’t think I’d ever do that again with probates.

Sean:   Right, right.

Jason:   But yeah, yeah. So letters, pretty much, professional letters and yellow letters.

Sean:   Okay. So yellows, professional letters. So the guy called up said he’s got, he’s… So he must’ve responded to your mail earlier like you talked about and he talked about how he’s got everything lined up, now he wants to sell. So, you, how did you get under contract? Did you do it over the phone? Did you just do email or did you actually go meet him?

Jason:   Yeah. Exactly, no. He sent me out there to look at the property and give him a call back and let me know his, let him know my number. And so that’s exactly what I did. I called him. I went out and looked at the floppy like the same day because I was really starving for deals that month. So I went out maybe 2 hours after I got the phone call and the guy was home, he let me in the house, took some pictures and I went back and I called the lowest of the lowest counts like he thought…

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:  Lowest of the lowest counts and I just showed it to him. Even, I mean, you probably never said anything about this but I was just looking for super low count. I broke it down to a per square foot basis.

Sean:   Hmmm.

Jason:   And even though I found one other 3-bedroom, 1-bath house or two of them, I found a three two left on for pretty low. So I broke that down into a per-square-foot basis and I told them, “Look, this is what they’re selling for in the neighborhood. On a per square foot basis, your house should be about $60,000 bucks. And it’s on a really busy street.”

Sean:   So where was he? He was out of state, right? So you’re in Miami, where was he at?

Jason:   Right. I want to say he’s in Georgia, somewhere like that.

Sean:   So he was in Georgia? He was an out of state owner, for sure, right?

Jason:   Right.

Sean:   Okay. So out of state owner…

Jason:   And they were just ready to sell and the siblings had all agreed. At least that’s what I thought.

Sean:   Hmmm.

Jason:   I found out later on there was a… You know those infomercials, when they tell you “but wait, there’s more”?

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:   That’s what it was for me.

Sean:   “But wait there’s more.” All right, so, you talked to the guy over the phone. You offered him 60, how’d you go from 60 to 75?

Jason:   I think he counted that about 80, honestly. And then I was like, “Man, best I can do is 70, 75, along the higher number, 75. Let’s just get it done. The probate’s ready to go…

Sean:   Sweet.

Jason   …And let’s get it done.” So I said, okay. Homerun. Let’s do it.

Sean:   Done it.

Jason:   I get one of these in let’s say, 1 in 25 leads so I’m about to do them.

Sean:   I’m about to… So you’re excited. So you emailed the contract, sent it to him, is that right? Or how’d you get it to him?

Jason:   Yeah. I emailed it to him, he sent it back. He had an attorney. I had to send it to the attorney. The attorney then sent it to him and he mailed it back.

Sean:   Okay.

Jason:   I guess he didn’t see it as using a scanner or whatever but he mailed it back. The whole time, I’m like ready, with my email composed then count the contact, ready to press that send button. It’s been taking days after days for this contract to come back. Cause I’m excited but…

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:   It just wasn’t coming back. It wasn’t coming back fast enough.

Sean:   So, did you, when you actually did get the contract back, did you press send and then open escrow or open escrow, pull a title report on it and then press send? What did you do first?

Jason:   I, you know what, that’s probably part of the reason why some of my deals take so long cause I just want to be super sure. I open escrow, I put the deposit in but I usually don’t order the title and lean until I get a buyer.

Sean:   Gotcha.

Jason:   So that’s what I’m realizing that’s slowing me up a lot. Cause sometimes, especially my deals, I feel like I’m the king of title issues, a lot of my deals come back and there’s something out of that that might just kill the deal and then I’m stuck paying all this hundreds and dollars for this dead deals.

Sean:   Well, first off, you said you put deposit. How much deposit did you put down?

Jason:   The attorney made me put up a $1,000 bucks.

Sean:   Oh, okay. So the attorney made you put up $1,000 bucks earnest money, okay. And then you brought it in and… All right, so are you, is your title company charging you for title reports?

Jason:   A few title companies told me, they’ve been wasting a lot of money on title reports and they don’t close. So they don’t want to order it until they had a B to C contract. So that’s the previous title company I was using. The one that I used on this one, it did not. Basically what I get back was asking to the back of my head not to order it until they have the B to C signed.

Sean:   Yeah. So just for reference for people listening, I have never paid for a title report. If a title agent came to me and said, “I want you to pay a title report or wait till you get your BC contract before we run title.” I would say, “Pound salt. I’m going to find another title company.” Because these guys are hungry for business. There are so many title companies that are hungry for business that you can play that. And they should be giving you a title report for free, prior to you actually marketing it to a buyer so then you know if there are title issues. And what I typically yield in my business, we would run title, find out if there’s any issues, clear issues and then turn around and put it at the market. But if there are issues, we’ll immediately go back with the seller and get an addendum for an extended period of time, maybe 60, 90 days for us to clear the title issues if needed. So, on this particular deal, you found a buyer. How fast… And you said the buyer actually bid it up, right?

Jason:   Right.

Sean:   So, what did you, did you go to the property and have them all meet you there? What did you do to get a bid up like that?

Jason:   Yeah, I actually got, I had two showings, cause the first day, I set it up where everybody showed up on the, at the same time. And they want the property. There was like 3 to 4 different buyers there. Everyone’s walking the property. And then one other wholesaler brought a buyer who had not done a lot of business with us, “Give me the deal man. My guy’s ready to go.” She wanted me to sign the contract right there and I was like, “No, I can’t give you the contract just yet. You have to invest.”

But she’s like, “Come on, Jason. We’ve done so many deals together.” I was like, “Okay, okay.” She came in at full price. I was going to give her like $2,000 bucks. But that contract actually got signed but I had higher contract before. And I think that tenant, that person backed out because I couldn’t deliver the property without the tenant. The tenant was there, going to get out, they didn’t tell me he was going to get out in time. I didn’t have anything and he was going to get out in time. So they backed out and I was able to go with the higher offer. So I got the 115 from the backup buyer.

Sean:   Sweet. So, who is the tenant? Was it an actual tenant or was it just, did they have like a tenant?

Jason:   No, it was their nephew. Yeah. One of the… Basically the nephew of the personal representative, the person that did not sign courts, I guess, to really execute all the documents and sell the property. But it was his nephew and he was in a really estranged relationship because they weren’t even speaking anymore. And this guy said, “I have no money to move. I don’t have anywhere to go.” I was like, “Oh my gosh. Cue the violins. I’m getting all these sad stories all over the place.”

Sean:   So this guy’s like, what are you, you’re buying the house! What am I, what did you try to do? You got to go put him up in a hotel or something? I mean, geez. It’s like…

Jason:   Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I ended up; I had a little bit of money from my previous deals. I ended up giving him some money ahead of time. I shouldn’t have done, I should have waited till he was out of the house but we had built such a good rapport, man. He was really on my side, I guess. So I felt like I was comfortable enough giving him the money to move, because he couldn’t have moved to a new place until he had the money to put down for his first, last and security.

Sean:   Okay.

Jason:   Yeah, so…

Sean:   So how much did you give him? Just, how much did you give him?

Jason:   I gave him $3,000.

Sean:   Really?! Wow!

Jason:   Yes. I’m living on the edge.

Sean:   Wow, wow, wow.

Jason:   I think I was a gambler in the past life.

Sean:   And you gave it to him before he, actually gave you keys to deliver possession? Wow.

Jason:   Yeah. It was a rip. But I was like, “Man, I can’t let this deal fall apart.”

Sean:   Hey, man, you know what? I admire the whatever-it-takes attitude. Do you know what I mean? Just to get it done.

Jason:   Yeah.

Sean:   So, cool. All right, so you gave him 3 grand and you got the house sold for the 115, was the 115, right?

Jason:   Yeah. It was 115.

Sean:   So you got it sold for 115. And then, you’re excited, you’re pumped, you get you higher price, you got the guy all lined up and then, boom! Title comes back. And what’s on title?

Jason:   Uh, title comes back. I think there was an issue because the lady that was living there, the lady that died, it was homestead. I don’t know what happened with homestead, I can’t remember the details. But there was an extra thing that needed to be signed or verified. But on top of that, not just with title issues but one of the sellers, one of the siblings, like you said on the deal that you had, I had four siblings ready to go but there was a fifth one in California that couldn’t be reached by Internet, couldn’t be reached by telephone. He believed the government was after him and he believed somebody was trying to steal his house from his mother so he refused to sign any documents. And so that…

Sean:   So, who is… who is this guy again? This was not, this wasn’t the guy you sent the contract. This was who?

Jason:   It was just one of the heirs, okay?

Sean:   Okay.

Jason:   So in probate, they were five heirs to the property.

Sean:   Wow.

Jason:   And four of the heirs signed over their rights to sell the property over to the one guy who I was dealing with. Except for that one other guy and they say at the time, he hasn’t signed his part yet. So I’m thinking…

Sean:   Wow.

Jason   …That this thing is ready to go. I’m already giving up money for moving and then boom. They’re telling me that this guy doesn’t want to sign his part of the deal.

Sean:   No. So you’re going, “What?!” You’re freaking out. Okay.

Jason:   I was like, “What is happening?! Man, what is happening?”

Sean:   Okay. So, now you have a problem. And this is where most people stop. This is where they get discouraged. This is where they have doubt. This is where they go, I don’t know, “I knew it wasn’t going to work. I knew it’s too good to be true. I knew it wasn’t going to happen.” But instead, you come out and you, what do you do? You, what was your next step? How did you locate this guy?

Jason:   I, man, I don’t know how we located him. I started doing all sorts of skiptracing, Google his name, no phone to find him or get to him. But I started talking to different attorneys that I knew, a friend, and then they started suggesting to me where they can go to the court and get the court to dismiss the need for his authorization. So, because, on the grounds of, whatever the grounds was. I didn’t really care at that point. They just told me there was a way and that’s all I heard.

Sean:   Hmmm.

Jason:   So I just basically, spoke about it with attorney that was handling the probate and he’s like, “Yeah, we can get that done. And we can try to get that done.”

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   But I was just sitting and praying, waiting, biting my nails but eventually, they went to court and they fought for it and there is like finally, we got it, it took about three months to close that deal.

Sean:   So, wait a minute.

Jason:   Yeah.

Sean:   So they went to… So it’s a probate deal, they all signed up, the other guy didn’t so they went to court and do you remember what the motion was for that that was?

Jason:   No, I do not. I do not remember the motion.

Sean:   Interesting. So they actually got to…

Jason:   I wish I could give the good details but they just told me there was a way they can get around it, anyway possible to get it done, I’m all for it. Let’s do it. Who do I have to talk to? Let me know what babies I have to kiss. I would do whatever I have to do to get this deal closed.

Sean:   Wow. Okay. Was there any point during the deal when you, when they told you had to go to court or this guy found out that you just, you found out about this guy and you were just like, “I’m… This is not going to work”?

Jason:   Of course.

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:   Yes. Yes. Matter of fact, when I got the call, I was actually flying back home. I’m from the Virgin Islands. I was flying back home for a family reunion while the attorney was going to court, when you first go in to… At some point throughout this tale, I can’t remember the specific timing but I remember getting the voice mail when I touched down and I got the, and there was a voice mail from the attorney and he said, “Jason, I’m sorry but something popped up and it’s looking like we’re completely halted on this deal and we won’t be able to close because no one can get a hold of this guy.”

And I’m like, “Oh my gosh. That’s depressing. That’s depressing.” I told my girl, “Babe, it’s not going to happen. Cancel all your plans. I’m not spending a dime when I’m on this trip.” I was already at $8 centavos. I was like, “Man, I’m eating ramen noodles. I’m not doing anything.” But when I calmed down and I thought about it, I was like, “No. It’s got to happen. There’s got to be a way this thing is going to close and have faith.” And eventually, the solution made itself clear.

Sean: Made itself apparent and then you, and you did. So during those… so during those dark times, right? You had to make a decision. You’re at that decision point to go down that slippery slope of “it’s not going to work” and you’re bumming, “I’m eating ramen noodles” and you’re preparing for failure, right? But then, something, that decision point, something clicked in your head where then it turned you down a different path saying, “You know what? I’m going to find a solution. I’m going to find a way. Something’s going to happen,” right? I think, I’m drilling down on this is because this is the difference between success and failure. This is the difference between becoming great or someone that just falls by the wayside and they get consumed and prepare for failure. And then what happens is they attract the failure. And then it doesn’t work and then they quit and then they say I tried that real estate thing and it didn’t work for me. So…

Jason:   Yeah.

Sean:   That point, what was it in you? Was it, what made you click and switch to, kind of pivot from that slippery slope of negative thoughts to pivoting a more positive outcome?

Jason:   In all honesty, in just, I just, I’m very self-aware of my thoughts. I’ve been reading a lot of books that teach that you got to be careful of your thoughts because your thoughts become. They have life and they become your actions or whatever and they manifest and they become real. So I’ve been, I’ve always realized when I get into the down state that it’s really up to me and I decide my future and I decide my current situation. So I always make an effort to stay positive and get positive and get some momentum going.

So even if things are looking gloomy around me, I’m still pushing through it. I’m fighting to the end. I’m fighting tooth and nail as they say. Because there’s been plenty deals and throughout this time I’ve been wholesaling where I thought nothing was going to happen and I could’ve walked away. I could’ve given up but I always fought through and we found something, we were able to make it happen. I just wanted to say, to let people know that this game isn’t really the easiest game. If you really break it down it is simple but nobody said it would be easy because things pop up. You just got to find a way to fight through it.

I’m fighting through it on another deal right now where I, I have it on the contract in December and there’s been title issues, there’s been open permits, there’s been violations that I’ve been fighting to get cleared. I’m going down to the billing department in Miami myself. I’m meeting with contractors trying to get these things signed and waived. And then just when I had it sold and got the issues cleared, the bank losses satisfaction of mortgage on a previous line of credit. So I’m like, we’re at that point right now where I’m about to say, “Oh man. This deal is dead. My buyer’s might be, my buyer’s about to walk away.”

Sean:   Hmmm.

Jason:   But I’m fighting with the owner right now to sign that satisfaction of mortgage and luckily the bank found it, man. Somehow, this thing just happens if you keep fighting. You got to keep fighting though.

Sean:   Yeah. It’s funny it’s like there’s a story of the, you have like a rock that’s a piece of granite and you hit it with a hammer and you hit it hard, hit it once and twice and three times and five times and seven times and nothing happens. It doesn’t look like that rock… there’s nothing happening to that rock. It’s a piece of granite. It’s so hard. And what happens, you keep beating on the rock and after the 20th time, the 25th time, the 30th time, and you’re sweating, your arms are sore, you’re pounding on the rock and there’s no visible thing that is happening to this rock. And then guess what, on the 32nd, I’m just pulling numbers out of here, on the 32nd hammer, you boom! You drop the hammer down and the rock just split right down the middle, right in half.

Jason:   It just split right down the middle.

Sean:   And it says, so it was, it’s the 31 effort that you put into it. The 31 swings, the 31 pounding of the hammer, and the problem is most people quit on the 29th. They quit on the 30th, they quit on the 27th because they’re not, they don’t see any visible movement of anything happening and they get discouraged. So for you to able to look at a deal, look at a deal like that, that ball of granite, that big stone that we’re trying to hammer through, if you keep persisting through it, if you keep tenacious, being tenacious with it and you keep looking for the solution instead of focusing on the problem, then guess what? Boom! Something cracks open and it loosens and an opportunity presents itself which I think is awesome. Cool. So…

Jason:   Man, you got a way with words, man. I don’t know how you come up with these analogies but they’re amazing. I just got to give it to you.

Sean:   I don’t know. It just, off the top of my head. Anyway, so the books. So you said you worked a lot on your mental thinking. What are a couple of books that someone could pick up or dive into that would help them condition their thinking?

Jason:   I mean, honestly, I’ve been reading, when I say reading, I go through them with my audible app cause I really…

Sean:   Okay.

Jason:   I like reading on the go, I like them being narrated to me when I’m in the gym, in the car. I use that time for my learning. But of course man, I like the Good to Great, Jim Collins. I like Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule.

Sean:   Yep.

Jason:   And then of course, I feel like sometimes when my, the few, the two guys that work with me, I’m not the best as far as motivating and working with other people so I’m always working at different aspects of my mindset. You know how to work with others, how to get them motivated and so I’m looking at, I just got done, what was that, The New One-Minute Manager?

Sean:   Yep.

Jason:   Because I’m working on my managerial skills.

Sean:   Hmmm.

Jason:   Of course, you run to a thinking grow which, Riches Man in Babylon, stuff like that.

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:   So as a man, I think it’s… I just, I just try to… Every time somebody recommends a good book on a certain aspect, if it’s marketing or it’s just mindset, I’m always looking to get my hands on that book or the audio book, audio version of it. I’m always on YouTube looking at motivational speeches in Les Brown’s.

Sean:   Yep.

Jason:   And I love Tony Robbins. He’s very technical,

Sean:   Yep.

Jason:   …Scientific when it comes to his breaking down of why certain things happen. So stuff like that is always in the back of my mind. Yesterday, I got home and it was a long day of running around, looking at different sites and projects. And I looked at my list of things that I had to accomplish and I really didn’t get anything done. So I noticed my whole body language was really low and really down yesterday.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   And that just… I realized, “Well, why am I so tired? I’m not out here running a marathon.”

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:   I literally sat in the car, I drove around to a few sites but I felt mentally fatigued and I just, you know what, I snapped out of it. And I got to work and I was able to handle the rest of the stuff that was on my list. All the emails and follow-up that I had to do, the phone calls. You know what? It’s all in your mind at the end of the day. You’re in control of your mindset. You’re in control of your destiny and you got to really take responsibility for that. You can’t blame the universe for you not getting deals or you not closing deals cause really, you got to be responsible for actions that you took or didn’t take in the past while you’re in the situation that you’re in right now.

Sean:   Right.

Jason:   So I always have that heavy sense of responsibility for the situation or current situations that I’m facing. So, I try to just take on a ship on that, consistently work on myself.

Sean:   That is actually a really good point. I see, there are not a lot of people that do that. I mean, successful people do it but people that are unsuccessful tend to blame exterior things instead of looking at the interior. And it’s interesting, I always use the golf analogy where you have golf clubs and if I take the golf clubs and I line up and I go hit a ball and I don’t shoot in the 70’s, it’s not the golf club’s fault. The golf club’s work is the person, the operator behind the golf club. So, if you take Roy Mcllroy, if you take Jordan Spieth, some of these incredible golfers and they take the same golf clubs, they’re going to have great scores.

But what they did is they perfected the ability to become incredibly successful. So it’s same as this, real estate works. There are motivated sellers in every single market, doesn’t matter what market you’re in, there are sellers that are going to sell at 50 cents on the dollar cheaper and it’s just as putting those lines out there through marketing that we will find our sellers and then numbers might work. We used to say it’s 1 in 25 or it’s a lay down sellers, just as going to sell their house. They’re going to call up and basically give you their property but that 1 in 25 might happen at after 100 leads. You may get 4 deals on a 104th lead, so you know? You might get, do a hundred leads, you get nothing…

Jason:   Right, right.

Sean:   …And then 100, then all of a sudden, 4 leads later, you get 4 deals and they’re smoking deals. So, you know you could’ve quit, same thing, at the hundred and say well, the numbers don’t work. You just didn’t put in the time and energy and effort. And then, because it didn’t work, you turn around and blame the golf clubs, right?

Jason:   Exactly.

Sean:   You know?

Jason:   It’s funny you mentioned the golf clubs one cause that’s one of the ones that stick out to me. I remember I was, remember, actually, I listen a lot of Tony Robbins…

Sean:   Yep.

Jason:   …And he said, he has this one story where he was on the course, the gold course and he was swinging and chucking the way out of golf ball and it was just, like you said, it was all over the place. And he’s like, “Man, this club sucks. I suck at golf. This is whatever. I’m just about to go back to doing something else.” And the guy looked at him and said, “Hey, man. You’re really not that far off. If you think about it, it’s really a matter of just adjusting your swing by a matter of millimeters or centimeters, whatever it is, because it’s that fine tuning that could mean the world of difference in a golf swing.

If you’re slightly tilted, formula meter to the right or to the left, it’s going to make a huge difference in the projection and trajectory of that golf ball.” I mean, that’s the same way I look at life. If you feel like things are going down the wrong road or things are always going bad for you, it’s not that you need to completely overhaul everything. Sometimes you do but a lot of times, it’s just minor changes.

Sean:   Right. It’s exactly right. That’s awesome. All right, so for the people, so they know about you, how old are you?

Jason:   31.

Sean:   31! The young age of 31. In 2006, what are you thinking? I know you know your numbers because you’ve been through a hundred keyhole sale and all that stuff. So what’s your projected income doing what you’re currently doing right now? I know it’s early in February but what do you think you’re on track to hit for ‘16?

Jason:   Believe it or not, I mean we got a monster deal that we just got, that’s supposed to close next month, we might do about 80-90,000 next month.

Sean:   Wow.

Jason:   If we’re able to ramp it up from there and get some consistent deals, and I’m, it’s looking like we could be 5,600 easily…

Sean:   Wow.

Jason:   …If we keep on that pace.

Sean:   Wow. That’s awesome. Awesome, awesome. And you are in Miami, and any kids?

Jason:   Oh, no, man. Not yet.

Sean:   So, single, got a beautiful girlfriend. And you’re a rock in the house. Cool, cool.

Jason:   Yeah, man. Just trying to get there. Just trying to be like you guys.

Sean:   No, you’re not trying, you’re doing. All right, so people want to get a whole deal, how do they get a whole deal if they want to, if they want to, you know your buyer’s list or…

Jason:   Yeah, yeah. If you’re a cash buyer, you can send us an email, you can get on our mailing list at HomeInvestmentSolutions.com. If you know anyone that wants a house to sell or you know, you can easily sell us an email if you got on this other email as well, this other website, VanderpoolHouseBuyers.com.

Sean:   Yeah. And we’ll link those in the show notes so you guys can get that.

Jason:   Yeah.

Sean:   And you can check out Jason Vanderpool out of Miami.

Jason:   And I am on Facebook, a lot of guys already correspond with me on Flip to Freedom Facebook and I love that chat. I love that thing. I have learnt so much from that, it’s not even funny.

Sean:   Yeah.

Jason:   A lot of smart guys and they’re…

Sean:   Yeah. Doing some amazing, amazing stuff just like yourself.

Jason:   Amazing stuff, man. Anytime I have a question, that’s exactly where I go and just put it out there…

Sean:   And that’s Flip2Freedom Academy…

Jason:   People you don’t even suspect to be doing big deals are really quiet about it. They’re just killing it in their market; you won’t even know it, when they start responding to your questions.

Sean:   Right. And they know what they’re doing.

Jason:   Yeah.

Sean:   That’s the Flip2Freedom Academy Facebook, private Facebook group. All right, so, so one last word for someone right now that is, and they’re either, they’re doing deals or they’ve, or maybe they’re thinking about doing deals and they are in the weeds, they’re struggling, pushes stuff together, might be they have some sort of title issue they’re working on, what would be one piece of advice that you could give them to inspire them to push forward?

Jason:   I mean, just got to get your mind right, honestly. Everything changed for me when I changed my mindset and the way I thought about real estate. Cause like you said, it works. And people, you’re not the only one going through what you’re going through. If you’re struggling or if you have absolved deal, people are doing it all the time and people are coming out on top so it might as well be you. That’s how I look at it. If the other people are doing it, I might as well be able to do it too. So, just keep pushing through and always keep fighting. Just fight until the fat lady sings, as they say.

   And even after she gets off stage, you come back and you fight again because it’s possible. The things that I’ve seen with this real estate, as a tool and as a vehicle to achieve wealth is ridiculous. People have been coming up overnight almost. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Even if you take a little longer, just, you’re not going to get it overnight for everybody but just keep working cause think about where you came from. You know if you think you’re having a tough year, now think about 3 years ago. You realize that you know what, it’s not that bad. I’m actually doing better than before.

Sean:   That’s a great attitude. Yep. And it’s, sometimes you look at, you can look at a situation and go, “Man, I’m not as far along as I want to be,” you know?

Jason:   Exactly.

Sean:   And then there’s, saying I’m not as far along as I want to be or there’s looking look how far I’ve come. Now, ones a negative because now you’re kind of putting down yourself and the other’s a positive because you are, you’re looking at the progress versus looking what you haven’t accomplished. I think that’s…

Jason:   There you go, Sean. That’s what I wanted to say but you got it done.

Sean:   It’s a great analogy.

Jason:   I do that too, man. When I started on, my friend that got me into wholesaling, he took off and he started hitting a 100K month early on and I’m like, “What am I doing wrong?” you know. But at the same time, if I looked back to where I was when I did that 15,000 in one year or the year after that when we only did about 16, I’m like, “Wait. I’m way ahead of that.” We’re doing that in one month now. We might not be doing 100K yet because every month consistently but we’re a lot better than we used to be and we’re a lot better than a lot of other people out there, not to brag or something or really gloat on how far you’ve come but you got to really give thanks to everything.

Sean:   Absolutely.

Jason:   For the little victory.

Sean:   I agree 100%. Well, awesome. Jason, you’ve done a phenomenal job. So much to thank you for sharing your title issues and how you came through and your mindset and your success of what you’ve done. I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to see you crank it out. Have those consistent $100,000 months and then prove that you can do it. So that’s awesome. You’ve been killing it. I appreciate your time.

Jason:   No, I appreciate you, Sean. I learned so much from you guys and I look forward to just working with you guys even more. And listening to more awesome podcasts!

Sean:   Boom, baby!

Jason:   Boom, baby!

Sean:   All right, well, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Jason:   Yeah. No problem, Sean. Thanks.

Sean:   Take care. All right. That was an awesome interview. Thank you so much, Jason, for busting it out. Now, guys, I can tell you, this business is about tenacity. It’s about being entrepreneurs. So the bottom line is that you have to have the tenacious mindset that you’re going to do whatever it takes to get the deal closed. And you have to power through it and there are so many people that get involved in something like this and they’re just going to try it out and we’re just going to see how it works. Well, guess what? You’re talking about building a business.

When you’re going to build a business that can turn around and change your life, you don’t try it out, you do it! You do whatever it takes to go out and make it happen. And the results and what you can accomplish and the things that you can accomplish in this business is absolutely game changing and life changing and he explained it in an absolute perfect way where mindset is paramount. That place where you either, a) are going to go down that slippery slope, that path of doubt and fear and give up and it’s not going to work and what if it doesn’t work for me and then you make a pivot, you make a shift where now you’re going to focus on, it is going to work for me, I’m going to find the solution, I’m going to make it happen, this is going to close, I don’t care what it takes, I am going to make it happen.

If you have that type of attitude, when deals come up, they will come up, you will have title issues, it’s just part of the game, and that’s where… All right, here’s the thing. The money you make is by solving problems. He solved the massive problem for this guy and he located this dude that he couldn’t find. There is a seller in the house, there is a nephew in the house that was living there and didn’t have a place to go, solved that problem. Then had to go find this other heir of the property, solved that problem. And guess what? His profit for solving that problem is $35,000.

We are in the business of solving problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the profit we can make. So, if a problem comes up, don’t go, “Oh my God, it’s over.” Go, “Great! How can I turn around and solve this problem?” And that’s where we add value to situations like this. So don’t get discouraged. Stay focused. Believe that you can do it and guess what? Things will line up for you. Solutions will open up for you. And next thing you know, you’ll be closing that deal for huge amount of profit. Then you’re going to be like, “Me? I’m looking for problem deals. Give me a problem deal because I know it’s going to be a massive problem,” which is phenomenal.

So, if you want to learn from me, go to Flip2Freedom.com, Flip2Freedom.com. You can download my book, we’ve got live webinars, streaming this week and you can go there and register 12K in 37 days. I show you exactly how to go out and make $12,000 in the next 37 days. Everything and a breakdown wholesaling, I explain it in detail. I explain my top lead sources. We talk mail pieces to go talk to sellers. Even if you don’t have any money, how can you generate leads? Talk to sellers, find those distressed sellers for free and I’ll show you how to do it in this webinar and you’re going to absolutely love it. So, go to Flip2Freedom.com. Get registered. Download the book for free. And I will see you on the next episode. Take care and God bless.


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