So You’re a Pro…

Let’s Scale Your Business 10X

Going from 5-7 deals a month to 20 deals PLUS

will change EVERYTHING for you…

I was stuck in the black hole of 5-7 deals a months for a LONG time.

I had one employee that was talking calls and I handled everything else.

I felt like I was constantly running with my head chopped off.

I’d get the direct mail campaign set up and ready to mail which involved getting a new tracking phone number, compiling the list, approving the mail piece and paying the invoice. Not including managing any online campaigns like Adwords or Bing.

Then the calls would come in and my one employee would call back the voicemails and set appointments for me.

I’d be running around town meeting with sellers and getting contracts signed.

I’d open escrow, then start the marketing campaign to sell the property. Now I’m taking calls from sellers, running and showing the property all while still making time to meet with sellers…

Tired yet?

I worked 6 to 7 days a week running to get 5 plus deals done a month and then it started all over again.

There’s a BETTER way, believe me.

I run my entire business off “Monday Morning Meetings” and a very detailed “Scorecard” with every important KPI (key performance indicator).

I have a team of Rockstar employees that GET IT!

This allows me to do 15 to 20 deals a month consistently AND it allows me to get to my beach house in Dana Point CA for a month every July with my family. It also allows me to be an assistant coach for my daughter’s tennis team, be at every dance match, school event and take exotic vacations (first class).

The content below is designed to help you scale your business to the next level and have your business work for you INSTEAD of you working for your business.

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